We make informed patient consent easy

DentalConsent is an interactive online consent tool
that helps clinicians consent patients easily and
correctly for dental procedures.

A streamlined approach to consenting for dental procedures

DentalConsent was developed to improve the informed consent process for dental professionals and patients. We aim to streamline and systematise the consenting process for dental professionals based on best practice consenting principals, informed and guided by leading clinical and medico-legal experts.

For Patients

DentalConsent helps clinicians manage the informed patient consent process.
Your dentist will provide you with simple, easy-to-understand information about your forthcoming procedure and any risks. This will come to you securely from DentalConsent via email or text (depending on your preference).
You can review this information in your own time at home, and ask any questions of your clinician securely via DentalConsent.
Once you are ready to proceed, DentalConsent makes it easy to consent to your procedure online – all from the comfort and convenience of home.
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For Clinicians

DentalConsent helps clinicians consent patients for procedures using best practice materials and processes.
We make it easy to conduct informed patient and financial consent for all procedures using a simple online consent application.
DentalConsent uses peer-reviewed, procedure-specific consenting materials and processes that are compliant with professional codes, legal requirements, health literacy guidelines and patient/community expectations.
It’s secure, easy to use and mobile friendly – designed for busy clinicians on the go.
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Everything you need in a best practice informed consent process

Access to procedure
specific materials

All consenting materials are specific to each speciality and procedure. Materials have been peer reviewed and are kept up to date by Australian clinical and medico-legal experts. All materials are written for a patient audience.

An easy process
for patients

Patients receive easy-to-understand procedure specific materials via text or email at home, where they have more time to review and consider them. They can easily ask questions or raise concerns with their clinician via the platform

Easy to access
and use on the go

Patient consent information is accessed via a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. The platform has an intuitive navigation and it’s easy to use on-the-go. All data is hosted in Australia and secured with end-to-end encryption.

Compliance with
all requirements

DentalConsent uses peer reviewed materials and processes that are compliant with professional codes, legal requirements, government health literacy guidelines and patient/community expectations. All consents are saved to our secure server.

Easy to use in your practice

DentalConsent enables dental professionals to use a consistent informed consent process for each procedure that is aligned with best practice. It’s easy to use and accessible, making it the ideal consent solution.